Did you have a wonderful week?

I should have been busy getting ready for Christmas.

Or shopping.

Or writing out my Christmas cards.

Or basically checking things off my Santa list.


I watched a movie.

You know….the sappy Christmas love stories, where one person has lost their spouse or parent. The other one has an old flame that keeps making things awkward. There’s the classic snow, hot cocoa, a village event and ice skating or snowball fights.

And there’s a kid involved. And probably a dog.

Then, there’s the classic misunderstanding…where one of them gets butt-hurt about something the other one did (but didn’t want to do—because they have a good heart) and the hurt person decides to leave, but then comes back…yada, yada.

And I watched the whole thing, while predicting the ending in advance.


I guess I am a romantic at heart.

I want everything to always work out.

And, it’s Christmas. And, there are wonderful things everywhere, if you just look for them.

So, I hope for each one of you that you sit down. And breathe. And find joy in the little things.

Like how the little bird hops around the parking lot, looking for tiny bites. Or, the tinkling sound of the wind chimes outside. Or, the huge orange moon that rises from the snowy mountains and shines through the dark clouds.

I wish you peace. And Joy. And love.

Tis’ the season!