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shabby white farmhouse

Where Vintage meets Art!


I am always amazed by the power of paint and how it can instantly change something old and worn into something modern or shabby chic!

Here are some of my BEFORE and AFTER transformations:   Meet  TIFFANY BOX..



She is small, but makes a big statement. Sparkling Tiffany Blue box with silver leaf, rhinestone trim and snazzy knobs!

When I found this girl, she was about to be taken to the dump. I  persuaded the owner to let me have her for a song ($5), as I knew she had good bone structure and only needed a little make-up and bling!


Grandma had it, mom didn’t want it…I GOT IT!!!

A darling of the 50’s, this is MARILYN!  Found her in a young couple’s garage. They needed to move and couldn’t take her with them. Still stuffed inside the drawers were Grandma’s memories; old ticket stubs, brooches, empty perfume bottles, a pearl necklace, old letters.  What treasures and memories these vintage hunts can score!


A transformed goddess and icon, she now works as the star model in my shop.  After glamming her up a little with Wetsuit paint, silver glaze on gray trim, crystal knobs, rhinestones from an old vintage necklace, silver antiqued paint on her pulls and a lot of elbow grease for shine!

Well, …OK, we glammed her up a lot!